Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Woohoo! Problem sorted.

18 sleeps left until d/Boy's birthday and we have the present situation under control with much love and gratitude to Messrs Google and Amazon.

Nerf - tick
Dr. Who - tick
Gadget - tick
Boring clothing things your mother insists you get for birthdays - tick
Assorted other item to make a cracking sized birthday parcel -tick

Now just the birthday jaunt to the seaside to organise.

Thank you all for your fabulous suggestions, with only four months until Christmas they have been stored for future reference ;-)


  1. so my one is 10 on September 11. Totally not sorted- will have to look back and see what suggestions you got!

  2. yay! and his present from me is winging it's way to you too, so we're all good!!!

    just hope we haven't both chosen same said 'gadget' for him ;-)