Friday, 15 October 2010

The burden of a middle-class childhood.

Princess C-W came home with another bit of homoework. This time for religion. The requirement was to storyboard a scenario happening in whichever soap opera they watch and then suggest a conclusion.

Following is the reported conversation she had with her teacher.

"Excuse me Sir?"


"I don't watch any soap operas."
Silence as Sir considers options.

"Probably the closest I get to a soap opera is listening to The Archers on Radio Four."


  1. Gosh, not even Neighbours? What a great kid :o).
    Joy :o)

  2. good for her!!

    blogged kitties just for her!

  3. Ohhh what an angel. Would love to have seen the look on Sir's face....roflmol.

  4. yeah, so, suck that up, Sir! Can't you think of a better project for religion! That's like having to count the ads on TV for an hour for maths (my friends kid had to do that!)

  5. Priceless! My children don't watch soaps either. Locket x

  6. How strange - we were discussing this very thing only half an hour ago. A music ensemble visited school yesterday to play some 'popular' tunes. They asked the kids who watched Eastenders, Corrie or Emmerdale.

    Out of nearly 400 children my children were some of the very very few (ie less than 10!) who did not put their hands up.

    I asked if it made them feel left out. They both said a very emphatic no!

    That made me very happy :o)