Saturday, 16 October 2010

100 things (Part 2)

21. I do like the corniness of 1950s technicolour Hollywood musicals.
22. Seeing the ironing basket empty is a fulfilling (if rare) feeling. Although not when it has been emptied onto the floor by a hissy-fitting child.
23. ScottFest rediscovered my camping mojo. Perhaps less bedding next time.
24. Tomato and onion tart is my new favourite 'easy-go-to' meal. Spinkle of salt and a dash of pepper - yummo!
25. I like popular music. Not just that of a 'popular modern beat combo' but music that lives in the Top 40 - Meatloaf, Billy Joel, Cold Chisel, Pink, David Bowie, Elton John, Beyonce, etc, etc. I 'am' a music saddo.
26. My base body temperature is lower than 'normal'. And so is my blood pressure. Doctors rarely believe me and of course I only usually tend to go visit them when my temp is up.
27. The background to my life is BBC Radio Four.
28. I spent several years learning to play both the cello and the trombone. I was better at the trombone but I still really sucked.
29. The ability to read music remains a mystery to me.
30. According to CK I have 'craftability' but am still banned from using sharp power tools.
31. While conversing during a family meal recently both my children asked me who I had got cross with that day. I may need a temperment adjustment it seems. (And for the record it was an ITV film crew.)
32. Social history intrigues me.
33. Photography fascinates me.
34. If I had to choose one era in which to live I would have been an Edwardian (but I would have quite liked the option of antibiotics).
35. Small fluffy domestic animals that stay small give me the creeps. Kittens and puppies - good. Gerbils, hamsters and rabbits - bad.
36. Cake and baking - definitely good.
37. Organised religion seems to fly in the face of the face of its own basic premises.
38. No really, cake is very extremely good.
39. Animal pattern fabric will never be out of style.
40. I am perpetually amazed by how much fur and undercoat results when brushing my big black dogs coat.


  1. quite a list!!!! I love old hollywood muscials but my lot never let me watch them!! Ironing, bah, whats that?!!!!!

  2. You're so funny! I'm right there with you on the reading music. I spent years on the piano and still sucked. I'm impressed that you even have an ironing basket -- our ironing board is self-service.