Wednesday, 6 October 2010

dear Mrs Lurch, you and I may be headed for a smackdown.

The topic was 'Were the Vikings a cruel and barbaric race?'

Princess C-W's essay came back today with a very good mark but also the comment (and I quote)

" If this is all your own work it is excellent. Well done."
So much to my daughter's screaming horror I wrote a note back to Mrs Lurch.
Dear Mrs Lurch,
yes these are Princess Curly-Wurly's words and this is essay is the result of her hard work and research. Given that she (presumably like most of her cohort) had never written an essay before nor been taught how to construct one I naturally walked her through the process; but credit where it is due because this work is most definitely hers.
I thought that I was very restrained not mentioning the bit she got wrong about Vikings being a race and all.


  1. Why do I feel the said Mrs Lurch may have taken on more than she's bargained for! Good for you!

  2. I'm guessing she's not on your Christmas list then?


  3. Did you return the note tied to a brick????

    Standing in your corner cheering for you.

  4. Slap her six ways to Sunday ! Or send back all notes so horrifically misspelt that she thinks you are illiterate, then Curly wurly will get even better marks !! (on account of her poor illiterate mum)

  5. My jaw dropped. Nothing like suggesting that you think a student is cheating, to instill confidence and a willingness to do one's best!
    Good response, T.

  6. tuh. Some teachers?! how crap. You are hilarious. I love the comment about not having been taught to write an essay. Maybe the vikings-not-a-race could be a postscript note! Or save that one up for parents evening. I suspect you might have a long list by then! btw, I finished my 30's in Jan too. Mahusive party!

  7. Yep, I'd go her for that. Tell her to get out her chain mail and its Norse axes at dawn.

  8. Oooh, I can't wait to see the teacher gift at the end of the year!!!

  9. I think Mrs Lurch is lacking some teaching skills. Instead of getting a report card on Miss C-W at the end of the year perhaps you can write one on Mrs Lurch

  10. Oooh snorty fun! One wonders what other pearls of wisdom Mrs Lurch wrote on other essays....?
    Ab x

  11. I'm a firm believer in letting them do it all, but a little guidance is OK. I know a lot of parents, though, that do everything and is not fair on the kids who do put in the effort to do it themselves. Glad you set the record straight with Mrs. Lurch though....

  12. Awesome slap-down Trash. You da boss.

  13. Dear Ms. Lurch -

    As the children would say:
    Dude! You been SERVED!

    Kindest regards,

  14. I think Jodie may have come upon the perfect answer! Locket xx