Saturday, 9 October 2010

The literal mind of the nine year old boy

This morning as I turned off the television I went into Saturday morning 'Sgt Majr Mama mode'.

"Both of you go and strip your beds please." issued forth alongside a whole load of instructions. You know the kind - brush your hair, get dressed, brush your teeth, have breakfast, tidy up, etc, etc. While they finished following orders I started the wash of the bed linen.

Later that morning I turned to d/Boy and said "Boyer, when you take that stack of folded undies and socks (that have been festering for several days on the end of the couch) up to your room will you take your sheet up and put it on your bed please."

I have just been up to his room. There on his bed amid the detritus of a stripped bed is his sheet, all freshly laundered and still folded. *le sigh*


  1. The boy done good. When issued with similar instructions the Monster would just about manage to get his sheet into the same room as his bed....possibly.

    Moogs xxx

  2. He did what he was told... give the boy a hug!

  3. Oh dear, I see many years of literal-ness in my future.

    I love it!

  4. my boy isn't the only one who takes an instruction literally. At last..........I'm not alone.....roflmol.

    PS Today kids are stripping beds and I'm doing the wash. Must remember to phrase my instructions

  5. But he stripped the bed. My kids would look very confused if I asked them to do that.

  6. Oh, good on him for doing what he was told! Was there any moaning and complaining involved- if not, praise to the literal kid!

  7. Be thankful that it is still folded.