Saturday, 2 October 2010

We're feeling hot, hot, hot!

Things are heating up here at Trash Towers.

After much swearing and silent shouting this afternoon CK finally placed the guts inside Princess C-W's new heater and then he and d/Boy plumbed it into the electrickery that lives in the wall.

And before that the two of them fitted the new heater into d/Boy's room.

Guess who had to hoover up all the brick dust and swarf afterwards?


  1. When hubby and I have to do a job at someones house it's always me who cleans up the mess there too.....not to mention the mess he leaves here at home.....sigh. Good to hear the heater is up and running. Sounds strange that you need heating when it's really hot here today.

  2. Up....was it the house maid? Or does she have Saturday afternoons off to visit her Mum in the village?

  3. well clearly that was your job! a person only has one job to do....either make the mess or clean it up! Der! ;-)

  4. I'm going to hazard a guess and

    Mr Moog hoovered before work last week and I knew he must have been trimming his newly grown full beard cos he never hoovers. He then came upstairs, chatted to me and got dressed, then went off to work. It wasn't until he got back from work that night that I noticed he'd shaved the whole thing off!!


  5. and you were surprised?!!!! Classic man type behaviour!!!!!

  6. (i cannot think of something brilliantly funny to say just now on the subject of cleaning up so i am going to *pretend* my hilarious comment was stolen in advance by a previous commenter, ok?! thanks for your understanding.)


    "OH RATS! jennyflower said what *I* was going to say!!!!!"

    (admit it...that was REALLY convincing, wasn't it?!!) :)