Saturday, 13 November 2010

The one in which new things happen - '

So, this week we have had ...

... Princess C-W's first big school report. Seems she is quite good at PE and Maths. (Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.)

... me being left in charge of gloss painting door frames and doors.

... clear kitchen worktops for a WHOLE week.

... d/Boy's invite to an Arsenal Advanced Training Squad.

... hoovering behind the yellow couch (who knew dust bunnies could get that big!)

... a fabulous flashing neon collar for my assistant so she can be seen during Winter walks out and about.

... Christmas presents, nearly completely organised.

... discussion w Pr. C-W about reality of certain seasonal metaphysical constructs. Her response? 'Yeah, I knew.' *Sigh* Another nail in the coffin of childhood.

... And finally one of the best songs and accompanying video clips EVER. You may never get this out of your head.


  1. Christmas presents organised - oh my god.....haven't even thought of mine yet! eeeeek!


  2. I'm only half way through the Christmas presents - and starting the traditional seasonal aaaaaargh. I like to get all those moments out of the way in November.

    We love the baby monkey. My girls are now singing it around the house - thanks for that!!

  3. Christmas... is it soon then? (Haven't even thought about it beyond baking a cake!)Thanks for the song which is now stuck in my head!

  4. Oh Trashy - I love you! I'm now sitting here with tears of mirth trickling down my cheeks. Can't wait to show the kids that video - especially where piggy squeeeeeeezes through the fence with monkeh attached.....hahahahahahaha!