Wednesday, 17 November 2010

How quickly the mind forgets.

We have been shifting things around in the kitchen over the last few weeks and among the jars of aged spices, 500 trays and cobwebs I found my wedding ring.

(It isn't actually the one shown but it IS a R*E*G*A*R*D ring)

It wasn't really lost but has spent the last six or seven years sitting on the banana hook on the side of the cupboard. Every six months or so I put it on again but within a few days the dermatitis flares again and so back it goes.

CK handed it to me with a look of mild disdain (He is one who apologises if he ever has to remove his ring. Creep.) and so I slid it onto my third finger.

That was two weeks ago. It was only yesterday morning as I chatted to Baby Will's mother that I noticed how she was wearing her rings.

On her left hand.

I silently swapped mine across.


  1. Hahaha! You're a funny girl! I have that problem with some rings. It seems to be subdued a bit if I take them off at night. I guess the ol' skin wants a little air. ;-)

  2. Ha ha ha - you kill me!

    I had an inspiration last night and have asked Mr Moog to get my engagement and eternity rings repaired for my Christmas present. Seven years ago I lost a stone out of my eternity ring and four years ago the diamond dropped out of my engagement ring - onto my lap, I'm glad to say.

    My engagement ring had been 'safely' stored in a shot glass at the back of a shelf in the kitchen and the eternity ring took a bit of hunting this morning but I eventually found it amid a jumble of old silver earrings and bracelets in a dusty seagrass basket.

    Just think how blinged up we'll be next time we meet up!!


  3. Baahahahahahaha.ohoh hahahaha *rolls on floor wiping tears from eyes*hehehahehehehahaaa..... I dont wear my rings either I lost my engagemant ring & my wedding ring wont go over my knuckles thanks to my old mate arthuritious was going to get a new one for my 25th anniversary but got a trip to UK instead.....