Wednesday, 24 November 2010


In an attempt to look vaguely grown-up and respectable for this afternoon's non-interview I have put together 'an outfit'. This has meant no shaggy-hemmed jeans, a shirt sans bleach spots or ripped seams and a sad adieu to my beloved lime green lined, brown gilet for at least a couple of hours.

It has also meant hunting through cupboards trying to find a set of matched clothing that says 'Not only should you accept my application form and no one else's for this job but forgo any interviews and offer it to me on the spot.' All was going well until I got to footwear. Skirts requires boots at this cold time of year and the only black boots findable were A) an ankle high pair with a wedge heel that says funky but not necessarily employable and B) heavy duty suede ones with wooly lining to stop the freezing drifts of snow penetrating through the 3/4 inch sole. My low-heeled, long black boots were nowhere in sight. There was nothing for it, cupboard searching it was.

I started at one end of the wardrobe in my room and began to excavate. As a consequence it looks like a craft bomb has exploded. Going the full length of the cupboards I pulled out everything that was below clothes height, it was only on reaching in to the very last square foot that I laid my hands on said black boots. Feeling both joyous and victorious I turned to go shine them up but stopped. There is no space to move in my room. The floor and up over the bed is under several inches of craft materials.

Who knew I had this much yarn and fabric stashed away?????


  1. He he ....... who knew LOL!!??!
    At least you found the boots ;o)!!
    Joy :o)
    PS How did the interview go???

  2. Ooh - good luck with the non-interview....and with getting all that stash hidden again before you're found out!


  3. Good luck with that non interview. The boots are sue to wow them.

  4. Well, no-one knew exactly, but we all guessed ;-)

    Hope non-interview went well! I bet the boots helped!

  5. Hang the boots - I would have to play with the stash!!!!

    Good luck with the non-interview.

  6. Good luck Trash! Hope the cleaning fairies come along and put everything away again.

  7. Hopfeully not Mr Trash although may now. Good luck.

  8. Hahaha -- Yay for lost boots! Now do you have plans for all that lost stash???

  9. bahahahaha! Love it! Who knew?!

    Hope you got the job....might need it even more if hubby finds the messy stash ;)