Sunday, 21 November 2010

I am an embarrasment as a mother.

destructoBoy has been attending an Arsenal Training Club for the last couple of Friday nights. This is an invite only programme and undoubtedly means that one day my boy will be Captain of the England Team and lead them to the country's first Wold Cup victory since 1966.

That is if he doesn't drown first.

His first session last week took place during an the tail end of an all day downpour of very heavy, very cold, extremely wet rain. I lasted five minutes before heading back to read for an hour in the dry of the car.

This week it was cold but fortunately dry so I stood and watched. There was another mother and she and I chatted. She pointed out her sons, detailing the afterschool and Saturday clubs they attend. I commented on our lack of football knowledge and the fact that d/Boy has spent most of the Autumn choosing which Premier League club to support as neither CK nor myself have any allegiance. Or it must be said, interest.

We watched in silence for some more minutes stamping our feet and shivering politely side by side.

"So is that your younger son? The one wearing the Yeovil Town strip?" I asked knowledgeably, taking comfort in my recognition of the local football team.

"Actually, it's the Chelsea keeper's away strip."


We continued watching in deepening silence.


  1. Oh pish! It's absolutely fine to not know or care about football. If he does get to be captain of England I'm sure you'll have time to find out the basics. And seriously, you shouldn't be expected to know the colours of "away" strips, that is only for die-hards.

  2. I'm convinced that as long as you recognise your own team's colours (especially if you're playing for them!)that is sufficient. After all, they change their strips every year anyway - to make sure they can keep on selling this season's kit to their adoring fans.
    I dare you to tell her you're going to knit D'Boy an Arsenal shirt :o)

  3. Wish it was you and me together on the sidelines...we would be companionably silent, blissfully soccer ignorant and internally pleased our boys were doing what they adore...

  4. It is every mother's duty to be an embarrasment. I used to ask which end they were trying to kick the ball. Just as I got the hang of it they would have half time and change ends.

  5. Dual citizenship surely and then he can captain Australia.

  6. you are definitely not an embarrassment -at least you are there watching!!!!!


  7. The only strips I recognise are Newcastle and Sunderland as we are sandwiched between them so I think you did very well! Locket x

  8. I'm with Jodie - can she craft?????