Sunday, 27 February 2011

The King's Speech Cake.

Tonight is Oscar Night and from early this morning I hadgeared myself up to stay awake into the early hours so I could cheer as Colin Firth climbed to the podium clad in breeches and a damp muslin shirt.

Earlier in the week my cake guru posted this ace recipe which seemed perfect to nibble on as golden statues were awarded and emotional speeches declared so this afternoon I conjured one up. The recipe was followed exactly, which gave my restraint muscles a mahoosive workout, and I am delighted I did.

Look how gorgeous that cake crust is! And see those plump juicy sultanas peeking out through it? YUM! I put mine in a bigger tin than TCC suggested but a girl can only obey the rules so far right? ;-)

During dinner I explained my plan for staying up late. In case it clashed with his viewing line-up CK asked me what channel it was on, this in turn meant perusing the Radio Times so I could calm his nerves. After several many minutes I threw up my hands in horror when it became clear my night of heightened emotions, fake smiles and clips from movies I have never (and probably will never) see was only being shown on the bastard love child of Sir Rupert Murdoch and a lesser demon and we don't own a satellite dish.

Crushed. I was crushed.

There was nothing else for it. I cut straight in and we ate it right then.

Man! That is a fabulous cake.


  1. My best daydream involves being called up to the podium to receive my Oscar.

    I spend many happy moments planning who I will thank. I have just added a note "mention Trashy and her sultana cake." But if you win the Oscar first, could you promise to mention me and my commentbox?


    E xxxx

  2. OK, I lied.

    My best daydream involves Colin Firth.

    The Oscar thing is second.

  3. Excellent cake! Good recommendation too!

    I think the oscars are on as I type, but unless I wanted to take a sickie, and get Foxte, I don't think I could watch it free to air.

    Maybe I'll follow the bitchy "why the hell did they wear that" feeds on twitter. Could be kind of interesting, but I'd rather see Mr Darcy on stage in dripping breeches.

  4. Ah, now, see, I'd decided to wimp out and go to bed early but now I can say that of course I had PLANNED to stay up but that as we also lack the requisite channels I had to go to bed instead.

    My little sister has a letter from Colin Firth written in the 80s when he wasn't very famous. Oh yes, she has. She makes us wash our hands before we touch it and keeps it well hidden.

  5. I think your sister sounds most sensible. Drool can be very difficult to clear up.

  6. Ohh Colin Firth. Be still my heart...vbg. Cake looks fab.....might have to try that one.

  7. You should move back home! They show it free-to-air here and at a much more reasonable hour.

  8. If I liked sultanas, that would be an awesome cake, but alas, I do not - sorry you weren't able to watch - it was a perfect plan. PS Why can't I email you any more??

  9. Colin Firth: Winner
    Kings Speech: Winner
    Can't help but wonder if your cake was a good luck charm!!

  10. I shall be sure to bake one when you are up for an Oscar Eleanor. Just to be sure.

  11. What's sultana?


  12. See, I'm not so fussed about the Oscars but that cake looks fantastic! We got our much edited version of the Oscars on BBC Breakfast at 6.30 this morning.


  13. Holy Cow! You were going to stay up for the Oscars? Ummmm, it seems like it would have been easier to just get up REALLY early! Sorry about the way it turned out, but Oh My. That Cake Looks Fabulous!!!!

  14. Hurrah - the power of cake triumphs again! With cake on his side how could the lovely Colin fail? We have done good work!

  15. Colin Firth and cake ...could a girl wish for more? We don't have the posh tv either - s'not fair, is it? :( x

  16. Mmmm Yummy cake!

  17. so...did you eat it all?