Sunday, 20 March 2011

"Alright Mrs Jones? How's your Bert's lumbago?"

"Lazy Sunday afternoon, I got no time to worry."

And the same goes for Sunday morning and Sunday night as well.

A day of so very little attempted and probably even less achieved.

Dogs not walked.

Fire burning since about 2pm.

Chunky wool hat only six rows off completion but NO idea where I have put the second ball. Bah!

V. yummy homemade plum tomato and caramelised onion tart.

Salmon en croute for the terences ( which translates as I whacked a frozen salmon fillet in some shop pastry).

And an awful lot of facebookery/googlification/'friv' usage happening throughout the day.

Oh! And when I came downstairs after a lovely long sleep-in I found out my bastard b-i-l is coming for a visit at Easter!


  1. See, that's what happens when you leave your family alone for a minute - or two. Awful things happen! ;-)

  2. I think the book of rules states that one must wait until one is asked to come and stay - one cannot , and indeed should not, invite oneself.
    And if one does, one deserves it to be at a time of great 'doing' when one will be required to help - like the removal of large hedges or the sanding of a hundred chairs...

  3. Oh how nice, that'll give you something to really look forward to!

    Or not.