Thursday, 24 March 2011


OMD has finally gone to sleep after sharing his insomnia with me for the past hour and a half.

Watching the forsythia appear like magic as the dawn sky begins to lighten.

Listening to the dawn chorus. They have been going since 4:08 am and dawn isn't for another 8 mins! Someone should get them an alarm clock.

Trying to id best way to encourage d/Boy to handle meeting with headteacher in about three hours. He has to initiate the whole thing and explain why having stones thrown at him by other (older) students is unacceptable whether those children are at school or en route home.

Remembering the glow on Pr. C-W's face as she arrived home from Scouts last night after being voted 'Scout of the Evening'.

Desperately trying to remember where I put the 'lace' book bc I have a 'how to knit lace you fecking idiot' lesson in three hours and 45 minutes.

The moving picture show of a mahoosive 3/4 waning moon glide over the rooftops as framed through the living room window.

Loving that glass is a super-cooled liquid and the different effects visible when looking through 'old' windows.


  1. Ohh hope the boys meeting with the teacher goes well. Tell him I'm in his corner - it's not ok for anyone to throw stones. Can't help you with the book but I'm glad the morning chorus was a good one. There's nothing nicer than being first up and seeing a brand new day.

  2. Man - stuff happens at your house!

    Tell d/boy that simply stating the fact it's unacceptable for others to throw stones EVER should be enough...much less if you're on the recieving end of said stones!

    Would love to have been there to see the Princess's face - what a cool evening!!!

    Love your writing - so evocative!

    love you

  3. Don't you love a little quiet time when a bajillion random thoughts torture you? I hope DestructoBoy's meeting went well and that you've had a good weekend!

  4. I do hope headmaster did the right thing - stone throwing not good!

    Mr Moog not v happy w dawn chorus right now. Actually, Mr Moog not v happy w Mrs Moog who's decided open bedroom window is the way to go ;o)