Thursday, 31 March 2011

The day draws nearer - but not yet.

My OMD was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure this morning.

As well as extreme regenerative anaemia and ulcerated stomach lining.

However the vet said she checked the findings twice because the failing dog the numbers were talking about was not the quite perky, wobbly-headed, fally-down dog she saw in her consulting room.

We are dealing with things via diet and drugs and will watch carefully what happens over the next few weeks.

So once again my lovely OMD has told The Grim Reaper to fuck off and not bother coming back until he can find a really good frisbee.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this Trash. But good on OMD for telling the Grim One the what for.

  2. Yay for OMD. Thinking of you all.

  3. Poor OMD - but sounds as if he's putting up a strong fight!

  4. Good for OMD... may he keep on fighting!

  5. (((Hugs))) to you all Trashy xxx