Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Even over the innernets she works her dark magic!

Have just googled the names of the last children I nannied.

One of them is mentioned in today's Daily Mail.

Another in tagged in newspaper picture from a swish 50th birthday party last year for Lord High Sooper-Dooper Lani-Pants.

The mother is even coming up as being on Facebook!

As for the third child, a couple of pages filled with references to her popped up onscreen and then my computer fastracked itself to a virus scan that in itself is a con.

Even now, nearly 20 years later, she is making my life hard work. That woman had access to bad forces when she was a little girl and her power seems only to have grown stronger.

Forget the redeeming features shown in 'Wicked', this kid is 100% the Wicked Witch of the East.

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  1. Wow. So you didn't work any Mary Poppins magic on her then?