Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Street Party Review

Lovely day. Sun came out occasionally. Loads of lovely new people met. Dogs happily running around scarfing dropped food. Son played football. Daughter coloured in chalk bunting decorating the pavements.

Played boules. Had a go an Alpine horn, sadly seem to have lost my embouchure but hit a few notes. Drenched after waterballoon-tossing competition went badly awry. Broke my son, not a good plan to burst a waterbomb down the neck of a sobbing child. Especially not when you caused the pain-based sobs in the first place.

Shared food with friends. ''Bobby on the beat" biscuits seemingly a success. Bought raffle tickets. Didn't win a single prize. Didn't win the cake competition either.

Had a great afternoon and plans are already afoot for the Jubilee in 2012.


  1. that's sounds fun, we have an annual christmas street (well, dirt road, really) party and it's a nice, fun and good thing to do

  2. Yes, but where are the photos?!?!