Sunday, 19 June 2011

Honest to goodness real homemade pasta

Not that there are any pictures (camera battery dead) but this afternoon I made real live fresh pasta. Some of which I turned into ravioliat CK's request and some that we cut into taglietelle.

It was the first time in a million months I haven't acually made pasta sauce but I absolve myself bc, you know, I made pasta and then turned it into ravioli.

I hope the effort is rooly trooly appreciated because you know, he isn't my father!


  1. I am VERY impressed! Pasta's a tricky, time-consuming thing. Totally worth it though :-)

    How are you only 3 degrees away from Mr. Obama?

  2. I'm seriously impressed that you made real live homemade pasta and I hope it really was appreciated!! Locket xx

  3. You're too funny! I'm sure homemade pasta would be appreciated by ANYbody!!!

  4. Homemade pasta! Sounds great and I know it will be appreciated