Friday, 24 June 2011

A morning walk

Such was our delight at seeing a clear sky after so many days of rain My Assistant and I set off on our regular morning walk with extra cheeriness.

Heading away from destructoBoy's school we skirted around the bottom of The Hill past the Community Field. The ducks seem to have left for new homes but the bleating of lambs made up for it.

In the shade of the mature hedgerows the full deliciousness of the dog-roses was revealed.

While further out onto The Common the Rose Bay Willowherb spreads thick and wild over the both sides of the laneway, dwarfing us as we headed back to the car.
Round one final bend and the end of our stroll was in sight.

It was a joy to be outside.

*all pics taken with my camera*


  1. Lovely :o)

    It's a glorious evening here, at last, so we're soon off out to the country park to run the puppy's legs off.

    I may have to take my camera with me too.


  2. i love to walk in the early morning air, seems so refreshing and clean. Also, seeing all litle animals running around.