Monday, 1 August 2011

Well, we saved £24 ... sort of...

We went to Bath on Friday. In passing we looked at the Habitat closing down forever sale. Few items were left, even fewer we actually wanted however there were boxes of white crockery. 12 pieces for £12. Two sets of that would do quite nicely in my shiny new kitchen. One to use and one for spares. £24 for two table services, seemed reasonable.

We walked around the store some more, toyed with the idea of buying the 'three drawer hutch' taht was missing the top section or the bookcase with only a few scratches. By this time reality had intruded. Not only would we have to lug said boxes of crockery up and down the streets of Bath but there would soon be nowhere to store extraneous items in my house. We are just three weeks away from breaking ground. So we left the shiny white plates and bowls on the shelf.

Saturday we mooched up and down the High Street up here on The Hill. Our fancy schmancy bead shop is consolidating and ours is the shop to close. We went in so Princess C-W could choose some beads. We walked out with this.

A four foot square, gold mirror that must be the bastard lovechild of a Dr. Suess book and the Roccoco movement.

I love it!


  1. You're so funny. I love it too!

  2. Somehow, it's surprisingly you! I love it :o)


  3. What I'd give to be wandering the streets of Bath again! Love the mirror, where's it for?