Tuesday, 9 August 2011

In the last week I have ...

... discussed with the vet the fatal chocolate toxicity level in small black dogs. Again.

... watched 'Bridesmaids' and enjoyed it. Loved that the women in it looked like real women. Also loved 'Sookie' in such a different role.

... finished a lace scarf. Yay me!

... packed my daughter up and drove her to Scout Camp.

... counting down the days until she comes home.

... escalated a complaint with my electricity supplier bc they employ idiots and will not listen to what is being said in a conversation. All I wanted to do was pay them.

... buggered up Pr.CW passport application and now can't send it off until Monday.

... watched destructoBoy for signs of concussion or subdural haematoma (are they the same thing?) after being woken at 0230 by screams of pain after child headbutted his bed while asleep.

... received doctor's assurances that there is neither concussion nor obvious damage to orbital area. What he didn't say out loud was that perhaps child should sleep wearing a bike helmet from now on but I could tell he was thinking it.

... have played indoor football with destructoBoy. Take one small inflatable ball, one child determined to do all required jumping for said ball and same bossy child setting the rules so that I may only hit the ball while lying on pillows and duvet on the floor (obviously it was tricksy but I am prepared to make such sacrifices)/

... begun knitting Bella's Mittens.

... been reading Eragon bc I promised my daughter I would try again. Not unputtabledownable but quite a good read.

... been missing Princess C-W.

... been to see 'Mr Popper's Penguins' with three 9 yos and a 3 yo. Enjoyed by all, even me and I find Jim Carrey annoying.

... arranged to meet good friends over the next week, starting with a Moog Family dogger walk on Thursday.

... made plans for dinner and movie night out with CK and the smalls when we are all back under the same roof.

Did I mention I have been missing my girl like crazy?


  1. Sounds like you're keeping good and busy -- imagine how much more you'd miss the princess if you were just loafing around.

    Those mittens are GORGEOUS. Can't wait to see your finished pair.

    And Mr. Popper's Penguins. I've loved that story since I was a little girl and I was SOOOO disappointed to hear that Jim Carey was the star. I can't stand Jim Carey. I hated the first movie I saw him in and gave him two more chances, each time thinking it was the movie and not him. But no...finally decided it was him, so I'm afraid to see MPP now!

  2. Well, we're all primed and ready for a good long dog walk followed by:
    -pupperses playing...lots
    -boys (and girl) playing...lots
    -much knitting chat
    -possibly a little crochet (on my part)
    -Posh Yarn envy (also on my part)
    -tightropewalking across narrow boards to get to Moogshouse whilst holding wriggly puppies....because our lovely new driveway isn't quite finished
    - still missing PrCW - you, me and Minx definitely
    - being talked at...lots...by Minx due to missing of Pr CW

    should be a good day! Can't wait :o)


  3. goodness, quite a week - i know how you feel when they are away, you want them to have a good time but can't wait until they come back!


  4. Passport application?? Going somewhere?