Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Happy Birthday destructoBoy

Since Blogger hates me and I can't upload pics of my evergrowing new kitchen let me just say

- birthday cake for breakfast is the bomb.
- the brand new ten year old who lists a 'Smith' dog made by his sister in his top two presents is fabulous.
- the nearly 13 yo who sewed like a champ and made a 'Smith' for her brother is also fairly amazing.
- scoring in the Posh Yarns Sunday night sale is always a buzz.
- knitting into lovely scarves the yarn purchased at Posh AND blocking them is thrilling.
- seeing how much Princess Curly-Wurly and destructoBoy have grown over the Summer is just a little bit scarey.
- the stoicism of British builders should not be underestimated. The fallout of 'Irene' is buffetting the UK and 'Cappy' is out there in the wind and rain making concrete to go build me a better life. Bless him.


  1. Happy Birthday, destructoBoy! He sounds like a complete treasure!

    Can't wait to see your kitchen!

  2. Happy happy Birthday to DestructoBOY!!!!
    I hope Cappy got some breakfast cake. Me thinks he deserves the big slice ;o)

  3. Happy Birthday to DestructoBoy! It sounds as if you've had a wonderful weekend -- well, really, does one even question how good it was when it starts with cake?

  4. Happy happy birthday D'Boy!!!

    On the blogger thing - don't take it personally. I tried to upload a photo of our two girls and that seagirl on my post tonight and it just would not let me put it where it needed to go. In the end I actually swore at blogger and suggested blogger put it somewhere the sun don't shine!

    Cappy deserves many many cups of sugary tea for braving today's weather and plugging on with your new kitchen. I hope he's enjoying plenty of homemade chocolate biscuits too ;o)


  5. Happy Brithday to destructo boy. He sounds awesome and so does his equally awesome sister. Can't wait for kitchen photos