Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I feel so bad.

'Cappy' has left at lunchtime today. He is a good and kind big brother who is taking his sister into the hospital for tests. He gets big brownie points from me for doing so. Until he left everyone was busy, busy, busy. 'Cappy' has been breaking up chunks of concrete while 'Barry' has been throwing them into the back of the truck all morning and lovely ChristhePlumber has juryrigged my washing machine and sink so that I do not have to spend the next four months bending over the bath to get the dishes clean. YAY!

But now Chris has gone and so has 'Cappy' which leaves just 'Barry'. And this is why I feel bad. Because he is out on what used to be the back grass jackhammering away so that the Diggerman can work freely tomorrow.

I dare not look at him working away because I shall just want to go out there and demand he come in and have a rest. In fact if I can stand the noise I might just go and bake something so he will be able to sit down with a piece of cake a nice cuppa for the rest of the afternoon.

I wonder if there are any old movies on today?


  1. Be firm Trashy LOL! I have a reader that e-mailed me a lot during our kitchen update -- she was doing the same thing. The difference is that she is a fantastic baker and she made lots of delicious goodies for her workmen every day. I wonder if you get a better quality ending for the effort? ;-D

  2. Maybe take yourself off for afternoon tea so you don't have to watch and feel guilty?

    I should add that I am a complete sucker. Even the guys who came to drop off a new washing machine and were in and out within 10 minutes had a cup of coffee. And I even gave tea and homemade cakes to the men painting next door's wall that forms the boundary of our garden - well, they were standing in our garden to reach it so I felt obliged!

  3. Oh blimey - I know I just won't be cut out for such drastic building works. Having our drive done has near killed me - all that guilt and our drive-man is a very fit thirtysomething! I've never made so much tea in all my life.

    If you can't face the baking I've found that big bags of Tesco doughnuts help the work along!

    Good luck.


  4. As the wife of a Tradie - bring on the afternoon tea. Yes you will get better work and yes they will be very appreciative and yes you will feel good. No the price won't come down but you will get quicker service next time you want something done.

    PS For heavens sake don't mention to Barry that he might be a bit old for this kind of work. Guaranteed to upset a Tradie. If he didn't feel like he could do the work trust me he wouldn't be there.

  5. I should mail the pics to Mr Cameron, crikey this will be what apprentices look like soon! xx

  6. Home-baked goodies work a treat! Hope it's going well.

  7. My bathroom is being re-done and it gets into full swing next week. Round here it is tea, coffee, a small sugar mountain and choccy biscuits!

  8. Oh yes, I see what you mean... I'd be looking at Barry and feeling like I wanted him to come inside and sit down for a rest too! I'd be finding it hard not to offer him something. He reminds me of my dad.

    Linda. xox