Saturday, 24 September 2011

We got ooooone!

After receiving this morning's post it seems we have indeed got one.
Well, at least we are 97% sure.

A quote came back from the local branch of a national builder's merchants I had visited last week. Not only are the cupboard fronts wood rather than foiled MDF but it came in cheaper than the big national chains. Yay! So before they closed at 12 today we went for a second look.

It is a simple Shaker style just like all of the others but this is in a 'barely above completely neutral' stone colour. There won't be roundy cupboards like those show here and the dark work surface will only be on the run of units. But there will be cup handles and the island is going to have solid oak surface.

The nice salesman I saw the other day remained nice and full of information and went above and beyond just 'Hello, my name is Trevor and I will be your kitchen designer for today.'  CK and I both proffered alterations we would like made to the plan, some additions, some subtractions but on the whole we are happy with it all and think that this very well might just be 'The One'.


  1. Yay can't wait to see it all finished

  2. WooHoo -- it's all so exciting! I can't wait for the big reveal!

  3. Thats fab and it looks lovely! Xxxxxx

  4. Do I detect a Ghostbusters reference? Loving the kitchen-to-be. Xx

  5. Wooohoooo! Go you and your fancy new kitchen :o)

    I'm getting so excited about coming up to see you when it's all done - although the kitchen envy will be at critical levels!