Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ooo look! There's a parcel.

On returning from my regular post-school drop-off dog walk My Assistant and I found Cappy had placed the post inside the house for me. There was a parcel with my name on it. A HUGE soft and squooshy parcel.
So we took it out into the sunshine to open it.
Oooo look! There are munkehs poking out. Looking at the background I think they are planning on helping Cappy and Barry with the build.
Turns out to be from Missus Katy Monkey. And you know what that means right?

Oh yes.
My Birthday Quilt has come home.
Look. Look.
It is way bigger than I had anticipated (my bed is enormous so the scale is all whacked) and way, way more fabulous. All of that gorgeousness and generosity of my lovely bloggy and real world friends and family combined together in a piece of practical art.

Wanna have a look at the back? Katy told me the backing was a gift and it would be a reminder of her (as if I would be likely to forget her!).  It has both blue and GINGER monkeys!

After taking the pictures of the quilt I took it back downstairs, then went outside with Cappy and Barry's coffees. This is what I found when I came back in.

What?? I prefer the munkehs.


  1. That is so damn awesome! What a beautiful quilt. Enjoy your lovely warm love filled quilty goodness.

  2. how did I not know about this......I would have loved to participate

  3. Suhweeeeeeet!!!! Now that it dogged you won't be all precious and will actually use it the a quilt should be. ;)

  4. Wow - that's awesome! The pups probably think you got that quilt just for them. And "munkeh" -- I love it!

  5. Wow Trashy - it's even more gorgeous I imagined! You're so kind to allow the pups to share it ;o)

    Love love love that picture of your handsome big black dog and I can see you do to with your new header!