Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Don't mention the war!

I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.

One of the major stresses of this build so far for me has been the measuring. I have been responsible for ordering the doors, windows and rooflights. These make up a HUGE percentage of the exterior of the building. The lanterns alone take up 4.5 square metres.

There are nights I have lain awake calculating and recalculating the numbers. When it came time for Cappy to make the spaces I triple-checked the measurements so I could be certain that what I sent the joinery was correct. The rooflights were standard sizing so when Lovely Roofer Darren was placing the joists we followed the numbers shown on the website exactly.

My rooflights arrived today. The nice delivery man drove over three hours to bring them to me. It took six of us to manhandle them up from the road not so much bc they are heavy but they are big. The small one is 1.5x1m  and the other is 2.5x1m. CK and I watched while they lifted the first one up onto the scaffolding, at on point there was a slight slippage and overbalance. I confess. I put my hands over my eyes and turned into CK's shoulder. We watched from the metre square open hole on the landing. There was much "To me.To you", wriggling of corners and gentle pushing before Philthebuilder called a halt. My heart sank.

With the lantern safely up off the ground Philthebuilder measured hole. My faith in  Lovely Roofer Darren was justified, the gaps were spot on. He then measured the (and I massively emphasise this) made to measure roof lantern and found it is out by 5mm. 5mm is about 3/16th of an inch. A minimal amoount but enough that my fecking rooflight doesn't fit!

The dimensions on the big one were checked before they even thought about lifting it into place. Turns out this one was too long.  So they chocked them both up in their cavities and put it into the 'Too tricky to deal with during a torrential storm' basket.

At this point I gave up and went to my go-to stress release for the day. Rosie and Sage, Lovely Tom's six month old terrier puppies.

My blood pressure dropped immediately.


  1. Oh crap!! That is a real pain but not that unusual - not that that makes it any better. But your stress busters are soooo cute! Xxxx

  2. Aye, bloody hell!

    For something like a made to measure window, 5mm out is a LOT. I would be fuming.

    The pups though, are surely a salve to the wound.

  3. Is this The One??? Lovely, cuddly little puppers!