Monday, 24 October 2011

Let the birthday countdown commence!

Back at the beginning of October I came up with THE BEST idea for a birthday present EVER! So for the last few weeks Princess Curly Wurly has been playing on the Converse website designing her very own Ox Star Players. There has been much hilarity and squealing as she played with all of the bazillion different colours and patterns available. Then this weekend it was crunchtime.

Unlike her beautiful and kind mother her mean and horrid father had been keeping an eye on the calendar and tallied the delivery time with the approaching birth date and so forced a decision by Sunday night. In the last 24 hours there has been wailing and gnashing of teeth, a little bit of hair pulling and quite a lot of handwringing. She had narrowed it down to seven designs but the final choice eluded her. 

I say eluded, I mean avoided.

There were black check ones with orange eyestays, chevron and star. Dr Seuss stylee ones, all aqua and red. Blue ones with white stars and blue laces and green ones with gold eyelets. Finally time had run out completely and she had to choose.

It was like herding cats but every way she turned metaphorically her mean and horrid father was standing there forcing a decision.

This is what she went with.

 Funky without being weird and different without shouting it too loudly. And just in case she starts a storming trend up here on The Hill her name will be printed on the side of them so they will always find their way back to her.


  1. Wow they are just gorgeous! Xxxxx

  2. It's fun to be your own designer. My sons both got to design their own. One did a complete reversal of the classic black and white all-star. The other chose skulls.

  3. Great present idea, and great design. Love them.

  4. Wonder if I can do this here in Oz - must check it out because Margot would love them.


  5. please tell her that these are great and the envy of all the other Converse near and far!!!
    as soon as i get some extra cash, i'm going to do me some!!
    thanks for the idea!!!

  6. Oh Wow! Those are super cool -- what a fun birthday idea!

  7. What fabulous footwear! I didn't know you could do that. Locket xx