Sunday, 2 October 2011

Things we did over the Summer part one.

 I have been enjoying somewhat of a knitting frenzy over the Summer holidays just past. There were several successful Sunday nights over at Posh Yarns and even more amazingly, there were knitting completions. Lace and cables if you don't mind. Sometimes even on the same scarf!  

Princess C-W was quite taken with all of this finishing amazement and requested to knit some wristwarmers. I gave her some 10mm needles and we found some big ole yarn that she loved and she made a start.

destructoBoy then asked if he could knit something too. I had a ball of Sirdar super-chunky yarn in a blue he quite fancied and with a commitment that shamed we girls he knitted up a storm. However one ball of super-chunky yarn on 12mm needles doesn't really go very far so a couple of days after he started we went at bought another ball.  He decided a green would make an excellent contrast. Within two more days he was done. Finished. Completed.

Despite its blurriness I love this picture because it shows just how chuffed he is to have created his 'scarf of two halves'.

This picture lets you see the scarf in all its glory and him in all his dagginess.


  1. Love the scarf and love that you have a boy that knits!! We do need to see pics of the wrsitwarmers too!! x

  2. If I send my kids to you can yours inspire mine???? They run and hide when I show them knitting needles and yarn.....sigh. Love the scarf and your boy is right - those colours are perfect.

  3. Well done destructo boy the scarf looks great

  4. Destructo Boy is adorable! Well done on the finished scarf!!!

  5. Fantastic job DBoy! That is one terrific scarf for anyone let alone a new knitter.

    Do we have a future Kaffe Fassett in the making?


  6. Well done Destructo-Boy! That's one fine scarf and a great photo! Locket xx