Thursday, 29 December 2011

December 25 in pictures

Christmas was spent sleeping, eating, reading, chatting and computerifacting depending upon who you were. CK and I did most of the sleeping while the kids did most of the rest. They both got little tablet PCs and didn't seem to notice the dozing parents.

destructoBoy read two of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books on Christmas Day and had finished all six by the 28th.
Sadly no snow yet this year but having received a snow boogie board from Granma for Christmas my boy has his fingers crossed it arrives soon bc his practice surface is rubbish
Until then it performs admirable service as a reading cushion.
Back in the distant past of October CK had a Christmas plan - each of us would get a cookbook  from the other three and have to make something from it by the end of the holidays. d/Boy got 'The River Cottage Bread Book' and his effort was ace.
There was a lot of this while he was waiting for the dough to prove.
Princess C-W received 'The Hairy Biker's Pie Book' and she was ecstatic. Boxing Day dinner was a turkey and ham pie with cranberry topping. Except we didn't seem to have much in the way of loose cranberries so she improvised and decorated with pastry leaves. 
A quiet but fabulous Christmas at home.


  1. It does indeed look fabulous - glad you all had a good time!

  2. Looks and sounds like a wonderful Christmas. Crossing my fingers for snow for your boy....the practise surface does look a little awkward...vbg.

  3. Wow what crafty cooking types you have made (which makes you the Uber Crafter!). Well done on their efforts....especially with the current kitchen shamozzle - good luck with that.
    Ab x

  4. Love that cookbook idea, your kids came up with some impressive food! happy Christmas to you all at the new improved Trash Towers

  5. Us too! BUT HOT HOT HOT here in Ballarat!

  6. looks like a lovely Christmas! A very Happy New Year to you all! xxx

  7. That looks like a really lovely Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful 2012 :) x

  8. Hairy Biker's Pie Book? Sounds like just the thing for my hairy musician pie-making son.

  9. holy wow! those kids have not only grown up to unrecognizable levels of maturity but also become even more gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clearly, i need to eat more selections from "the hairy biker's cookbook" (best name ever, btw!) in order to follow suit!!! (on the GORGEOUSNESS, i mean; i am plenty old enough already kwim?!) :) :) :)

    it would seem as if trash towers has experienced one of the best xmases in the known universe... which is awesome, since no one anywhere deserves it more!!!

    ♥♥♥HAPPY NEW YEAR, MISSUS♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It sounds like a fabulous Christmas -- that's quite the pair of accomplished children you have there. I'm VERY impressed that they can cook -- way to go Mum! Now...what cookbooks did you and the Mr. get, and what did YOU make???