Sunday, 1 January 2012

My 'mini' Christmas tree.

My plan this year was to have a Christmas Tree filled with teeny weeny, tiny winy decorations in the new kitchen. (Did I mention already I got one of those? It was last year's present.) Well it didn't quite turn out that way.

You see the tree was awfully big -7.8 feet tall - and the children took on the task of dressing it with only minimal interference from me, this meant that more were placed than I would have chosen. Add to this the fact that I had only a few ornaments that fall into the category 'teeny weeny tiny winy and my tree was never going to look exactly as planned.
But it did look quite beautiful there by the long window in the corner. And looking particularly gorgeous are the teeny weeny tiny winy felt stockings stitched with lovely snowflakes made for me as part of Chookyblue's SSCS (Secret Santa Christmas Swap) by Tracy which are hanging 5,11 & 12. There is a much clearer photo over at 'Sunny Corner Farm'. I am in awe of the teeny weeny tiny winyness of the stitching. Honest I will post a closer-up pic soon.

After getting over the shock of being woken at 5am (forgive me, have I mentioned this previously. I may still be a little tender on this issue) I got to open presents and in my SSCS parcel was this stunning table runner. Gorgeously executed piecing and points that sat perfectly with the Yule log candle holder Princess C-W made for me
Then, when feeling a little more frivolous, turn it over and all the perky Santas and general Christmassyness can be enjoyed! Win/win I say.

Tracy thank you so much for the presents and once my sewing machine is recovered from the kitchen fit detritus I WILL sew those table napkins with the lovely koalas, I have got as far as buying the red linen to put with it. Now all I need is a JCB to excavate all this renovation rubbish.


  1. Lovely SSCS pressies arent we all so lucky

  2. It was a pleasure to make your gift and to visit your blog too. Good luck with the renovations. I hope your house will be put to rights sooner rather than later.