Wednesday, 14 December 2011


This is my new sofa. Notice my 40th birthday quilt is sitting happily draped over the arm?
I quite like my sofa but with no reference it is tricksy to know scale. So....

... this is what my sofa looks like with a "psuedo" sleeping 13 year old on it.
and even greater example - couch with Assistant and 10 year old.

I got kicked out of my house tonight. There was much rustling of plastic bags and conspiratorial giggling as I headed out into the dark, cold night.

This is what I found when I was allowed home.
Princess Curly Wurly had been out onto the icy flat roof to collect the lights CK had thrown up onto there. She then arranged them beautifully on top of the larger rooflight.

*sigh* I quite like my family.


  1. Your new sofa looks very stylish and comfy, which is the main thing

  2. Oh how fun! What a clever family to put lights up there! Your new sofa looks wonderful -- I'll bet you're chomping at the bit to get settled in to the new space!

  3. that sofa is the bomb. looks incredibly wonderful in that space. and.....Curly Wurly? i love her even more. those lights are absolutely perfect!!!

  4. Love the red sofa. The colour is great. As for the Xmas lights... is it just me, or can you see a face? Sort of a Picasso face, but a face for sure...