Thursday, 15 December 2011

Three lovely things happened today.

1. My kitchen was delivered in a van and the kitchen-making man says it should all be done by Saturday night.
2. My son sang a very cool solo during the school carol service. He did the first verse in Herod's song from the One Bright Star cantata. Imagine a really cool, swinging 1-2 beat - "There's one sovereign and that's me. The rules are made by my decree so what's this rubbish I hear today that baby's been born who will take my crown away?"
3. While sitting through the rest of the carol service after my boy's triumph my lovely friend Vicki turned to me and asked if I would help her carry out a family tradition. Now that Granny is knitting for God and the Angels Vicki was wondering if I would knit one for him. Yes! Yes! Yes! How exciting, I get to create Will' first ever school jumper.

All very lovely things.


  1. What a fabulous day. So glad the concert went well, the kitchen is taking shape and a new jumper and family tradition is alive and well.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. wonderful,wonderful,WONDERFUL!!!

  3. Yup, your world is pretty darn good. Love the scrumy red sofa too.
    Ab x

  4. Yipee!!! I can't wait to see that kitchen -- I can feel the excitement!!!

  5. It must be Christmas- I'm sat here dabbing my eyes! xxxx

  6. will be the best school jumper ever!!!!!