Monday, 9 January 2012

this morning

*today is my first day alone at home in months. CK has gone back to work. The children are at school. And I have no idea when the builders will be back. The quietness is weird.
*I walked the dogs this morning and walked back up the hill with a friend and her dogs.
*a neighbour has just offered me her no longer required fabric stash. I shall accept just as soon as I find somewhere to put it all.
*we have a flat broom for the wooden floor, turns out sweeping can be fun!
*posh orange juice tastes way more yummy than the ownbrand stuff. You get what you pay for.
*have understood my mistake on the garden shawlette and rectified my idiocy.
*I plan to actually do some sewing this week. The new year/getting going vibe infusing blogland has leached out of my computer and into my head. We shall see if it makes it to my hands.

And now it is no longer this morning.


  1. Enjoy you time! I bet it feels a bit strange though!

  2. Peace and Quiet. Two things that are priceless. Enjoy your time with them.

  3. Today was my first day almost alone. Two out of 3 were back at work/school. The third doesn't show up until 11 so I had a whole glorious morning of watching Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs.

  4. Am feeling the get going vibe but between the horses the puppy and housework its not quite coming together!xxxxx

  5. Enjoy your day! I am sort of enjoying some peace and quiet until the kids make it out of bed, for my sanity I am letting them sleep!!!