Thursday, 5 January 2012

Importance of instruction following

During a recent IKEA trip my girl noticed this warning on a storage container.

It seems someone else missed it.


  1. Oh that's hilarious, well you'd be disappointed if you went in there looking for somewhere to store the kids he he. I wonder sometimes about some of the warnings on things (???) lol.
    Joy :o)

  2. roflmol. Wonder if they make a box big enough for teenagers? Mine could do with packing away for a few days...sigh.

  3. Ha, too funny! I'll never forget when I dragged my sister to one's of those big "Baby Bunting' style stores when I was pregnant, and we overheard a Dad ask "does it come with a lid" when referring to a port-a-cot! We turned and he was deadly serious! Crazy! We midwives actually have a pamphlet saying 'don't shake babies' becasue of some of the idiots out there....

  4. if Calidore finds that box for teens, please make sure the info gets passed on!
    that sticker is hilarious and one i would imagine seeing here....good eye, there, young one!!!