Friday, 24 February 2012

Phone camera downloads 2011/12

Pasta making Summer 2011
Walk with the dogs Summer 2011
My boy found the TARDIS July 2011
Fabulous felt patterns from lovely lovely friend Summer 2011

Birthday lunch at Fishy Fishy January2012

Watching My Assistant & #1 daughter @ agility training November 2011
(November! Bare toes!)
Snowdrops in the old churchyard January 2012

Pearlescent sky September 2011

Ribbon clouds June 2011
My girl at the end of Scout Camp August 2011
Hilltop town carnival October 2011
The scorekeeper Summer 2011


  1. Well, no wonder the blog has been a little sparse. You've been busy! Is the kitchen all done?

  2. An eventful summer. I wish I could find the tardis.