Thursday, 12 July 2012

No really, there has been crafting.

This is the Citron shawlette It is really simple. Knit plain, knit purl, increase every 12 or so rows. Simple, right? So how come I had to frog nearly 3000 stitches? Mostly bc I am stupid and did not actually do a stitch count when the pattern said to. For 20 rows!!!! 
But it is back on track now and hopefully will be finished in short order. If that is I don't remain distracted by the Boogie Woogie dinosaur I have started knitting for Young Will. Obvious it is a dinosaur belly when you look at it isn't it?
Way back at the FQ Retreat London2012 I took part in the Iron Man Challenge to make a quilt top for the fabulous Siblings Together Project. We made potentially the smallest quilt ever which meant there was lots left over. I brought it all home and slowly have put together this seriously patchy nine patch quilt top.
Well nearly. I am just in need of a few scraps of Flock to finish the last couple of nine squares but then BOOM! another quilt will be winging toward the Siblings Together goddesses. I say BOOM! but we all know the reality is more like POOF! because I only ever craft at a glacial pace.

And bc I am so slow at the sewing and knitting and suchlike I have joined TWO Bees in the last month. The scariest one for me is the Eeeep EPP Bee (EPP = English Paper Piecing). I am more than a little nervous bc these women are really good at this and I have a sneaking suspiscion I will be found out for the hack hand-sewist that I am. The second Bee is the FQ-inspired Kinky Bee. I am one of the Bumblies and this block is the first cab off the rank.
Look I even made pieced ones! Doing these circles was good practice for helping my girl with this.
This is her end of year piece for DT and I love the cheeky look in his eye. My girl designed and sewed the whole thing except for a few of the brown spots. I put on my 'nice mother' hat and did some bc her hands were about to fall off. Rather lovely though, isn't it?

And finally I hd a little accident yesterday. The rather lovely yarn shop up on another hill happened to be open after I lurked in front of it for 15 minutes and I bought these gorgeous delights of alpaca and merino.
And pattern book for Christmas that has a KNITTED CHRISTMAS WREATH! Oh yes it has.

And finally the kids and I are going on holiday with Dougal. Around Scotland.
Roll on late August I say.


  1. I know the pain of frogging you knitting. Well done on continuing though and enjoy the holiday in Scotland. Dougal looks amazing.

  2. We are serious kombi lovers in our house - and the name Dougal is one of my all time favourites - therefore your holiday is a guaranteed success before you even leave!

  3. You've been a busy little girl crafting lots of beauties! And Ooooh! Ooooh! I want to hear all about your Scotland trip - you know, for research!