Sunday, 15 July 2012


 To celebrate his birthday we took my Big Black Dog to the beach today. 
 On this first non-rainy day in weeks we headed off to Hengistbury Head for some well-deserved VitaminD absorption. Except we couldn't find it. Hengistbury Head that is. Which is ridiculous because it really is quite large but the magnet hidden on the roundabout in middle of Christchurch sent us off in the wrong direction. So we parked up at the Priory and mooched around the quayside. There were lots of swans with the same idea. My Assistant was underimpressed. Nasty yukky big swimmy white chickens apparently.

Mooching through Christchurch brought us to Chilly Wizards, the ice cream shop. Not only did they have fabulous homemade ice creams in yummy flavours (I had whitechocolate/choc chip and honeycomb) but the nice lady offered ice cream in a cone to the birthday boy!
Once our bearings were straight we headed off to the beach proper. En route My Assistant was very chuffed to have found a present for the Big Black Dog. Because a HUGE wild mushroom is just what every aged hound needs.
Eventually we made it and I think he was pleased.
Happy Birthday Big Black Dog.


  1. Happy birthday, Big Black Dog!

  2. Happy birthday BBD, glad you got ice-cream and a nice walk x

  3. he is just sooo lovely and does not look his age at all!!! xxx

  4. ♥happy birthday big black dog!!!♥
    (& many happy returns!)