Tuesday, 11 March 2014

While she drives me bananas I reckon I am winning in the "Teenage Daughter" Stakes.

About 20 minutes after she left for school this morning I got a text from my teenager.

"Maman, what is that word that began with  'P' that was about languages and slang from the West Indies or something?"


"Thankoo muvver."

"Pronounced pa twa."

"Thank you lovely dictionary mummy :-P"

"It is a noun. Pl is patois, pronounced pa twaz."

"*facepalm* Now I know where I get it from!"

"You're welcome, now go and learn something."


  1. Nice. I played scrabble with family yesterday. I was the dictionary.

  2. Good work...I'm having trouble with master 19....no talking at all, which sounds good, but it isn't.