Sunday, 4 May 2014

Early memories

My girl, my Princess CurlyWurly as was, is doing her first year of GCSEs this year. That means that she is half way through her teenagerdom and only has four term of formal schooling left. I know. Let's all just take a minute.

One of her electives is Psychology and they have been discussing memory. Apparently she is able to pinpoint her earliest memory to an exact date and time. She remembers the streetlights being very close to her head and hands as her Dada carried her around the corner to a friend's house at early-in-the-morning'o'clock while I stayed home birthing her little brother.

Mine in the other hand is sitting on the bench front seat of my parents' Kingswood station wagon playing with my best beloved teddy bear, Snowy. We were at Naringal School to celebrate its centenary, I guess I was 3 or 4.

I hope that her earliest memory engenders the same feeling of comfort and love that I get from mine.

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  1. My girl is doing psychology too...great discussions