Monday, 15 October 2007

Oh goodness! I'm nearly finished.

I am only one single inch and a half diameter ball away from finishing my scarf for my spoilee somwhere in a foreign cold place.
I really am very excited about how quickly it has worked up. It goes to show how much can be achieved when you are confined to the brown couch (did I mention we have three?) for a whole day b/c of some grotty child-borne bug. It also goes to show how much can be achieved when CK takes Princess C-W and Babyman out for a quick trip to the shops (they were gone for three & a half hours).

It has also shown me how determined I can be. Given that from this

I created this
and after many loooong weeks minutes of untangling, puzzling and just a little cursing at the end of it all I end up with something like this!

And all in just a couple of weeks!

More than anything that is the incredible bit, I am reknowned for not finishing much of anything. CK built me a whole house to put my A/C (art crap) in. It is so full of unfinished things I literally cannot get in the doors and now I am spreading out into the house. But, and I am so excited about this, my scarf is probably only two nights knitting away from being completely done and the deadline is to get it into the post by December 1. At this rate my spoilee will have her scarf before Nov 1!!!!!

So now my thoughts are turned toward what to include with the scarf in the parcel. So far all I am definite about is a fabulous postcard which includes the recipe for Dorset Apple Cake (mmmm, cake) and at Granny's suggestion I have spent this afternoon making a bracelet to include (I broke the catch at teatime showing it to Princess C-W so photo to follow) but I'm just not sure what else. Hmmmm, what about a painted box? Must think harder, think, think, think...

All ideas gratefully received.


  1. If you included yourself in the package, you would get a holiday and your spoilee would definitely get a big surprise! Lucy x

    P.S back to 5 letter word verification today!

  2. Love your scarf, its gorgeous! And see what I mean, you guys really have patience! If I got my wool in a tangle, i'm sure that I would swear a lot, and lob it out the window! I'm going to stick to cardmaking! and just look at all you knitters creations in awe!
    Oh! and I would love to see your dinosaur, have you got a picture? If you show me yours, I'll show you mine! He, he!

  3. Wow, good knitting: well done!

    My brain is a bit mushy this evening - sorry - but I will get my thinking hat on, and let you know if I come up with any great suggestions for your swap parcel...