Sunday, 14 October 2007

Only 6 sleeps left!!

The Lookout is on duty.

The guards are standing to attention.

The entertainment committee is meeting.

And the bodyguard has polished up his chainmail.

I think we are nearly ready.


  1. Fab pics! Hope you have a great time when your mum gets here :)

  2. Cute post Trashalou! I tried to comment on the earlier post the other day but blogger wouldn't let me in! Sorry you didn't win the giveaway - having your mum arrive soon is far better! Lucy x

    P.S. why do you have such long word verifications? 8 letters! Most sites settle for 5 - what's going on????? What if I want to leave a pithy little one liner/worder and then have to type more on the verification? What is blogger thinking about???