Friday, 12 October 2007

Nine More Sleeps!

Only nine more sleeps until Sylv arrives here in Engerland! Confirmed with her this morning about arrival times - 07:15 which means an 05:30 departure from Trash Towers. CK said that I obviously wouldn't be taking Princess Curly-Wurly and Babyman as it was so early. I asked whether he would like to explain to the Grandmother who hasn't seen them in two years why her grandbabies weren't there to meet her. Or to tell said grandchildren they couldn't take their handmade posters to the airport for Granma. I think he got the message.

Have just got back from a night out with the girls to watch the Grumpy Old Women Roadshow. I love Dilly Keane! The other two were Britt Eklund and Denise Roberts but Dilly Keane was far and away the funniest and the best. Loving a night out with friends but some people really are hard going! The friend of a friend was talking about how old 'Twiggy' looked and when told it was Britt Eklund said 'Well, she looks better in those Marks & Spencers ads'! I swear all the peroxide has eaten away at her brain.


I'm thinking I may have to have a list. So many times throughout the day I have ideas or think thoughts or hear stuff that I want to put on this page but it's all gone when come to actually doing any writing. So I think I may have to do a list to keep track of stuff. Hmmmm,, I shall think in this further.......

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  1. But would you remember where the list was????? Lucy x