Saturday, 13 October 2007

Where on Earth?

Have found this fabtastic link on pink icing and couldn't resist. It maps for you where you have been in the world and gives you a percentage. Have a look at the bottom of the page for mine.

So now confession time. I have been to all the places shown but so many of them just passing through the airport. But that counts right? Right?

My only place I haven't touched yet is Africa.

Must. Get. To. Africa.

Must. See. Elephants.

Am feeling less than my best this morning so have had several lazy hours on the brown couch (we have three - yellow, brown & inferior) meandering through the 'innernets'. Am I the last person in the world to hear about Yarnstorm taking on the London Mediarati? Given that Radio Four can be heard from every room in the house it is crazy that I missed the whole thing!

But having read through the posts on her page and also 'The Article' from a Sunday broadsheet I am left stunned. Is it just envy and jealousy? Why is someone enjoying the 'gentle or domestic arts' so threatening? Surely as a feminist the author should be applauding the developing community of creative folk and interested parties we have online?

Whether one is just an observer of the crafts, arts, domesticity and skills or an active participant is irrelevant. I will never paint like Matisse/Kandinsky/Goya etc, etc but I can still appreciate their work. I had an email conversation with digital artist Linda Johnson (can't remember her stage name) asking about whether the more traditional home -based crafts could be considered art. Her belief is that art is self-defining. Not 'I am an artist making a cup of coffee, ergo the coffee is art' but when skill and ability are deployed to create a beautiful object which leaves the maker satisfied and pleased this should be recognised as art.

taking time for a cup of tea for the soul I suggest five minutes at trek's philosophical musings. You should all go read, it is good for the heart, soul and wool stash justification.


  1. Your email address didn't come through. Yes, you may link.

  2. I agree with you - how can we be seen as threatening just because we choose to express ourselves through creativity? Lucy x