Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I have risen to the challenge and been found wanting.

Or not.

Apparently I am 35% normal. Mrs Kitty's Bloggy Bits issued a call asking for any who blog to find out whether we are truly a 'weirdo' subspecies or just people with an intersting angle on life.

So I stepped up to the plate and voila I am 35% normal.

It is kind of intriguing to get the innernets view on what makes normal (some of the questions where definitely odd!) so rush over and have a play. If it helps think of it as scientific research!

You Are 35% Normal

You sure do march to your own beat...
But you're so weird, people wonder if it's a beat at all
You think on a totally different wavelength
And it's often a chore to get people to understand you


  1. Oh good ... you're as abnormal as I am! :-p It's fascinating that nobody has apparently yet scored more than 55% (and I've got a suspicion that some who scored that high cheated).

    I've got a feeling that 'normal' people aren't interesting enough to blog - at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I'm kind of pleased to be weird - welcome to the Weird Club!

    :-) x

  2. Apparently I'm 50% normal but after reading Kitty's comment I'm not so sure that's a good thing! I certainly don't consider myself normal at all (and come to think of it, neither do the people who know me!)

  3. I've come out as 60% normal. BUT going by your comment that most people are 35 % normal does that make me abnormal?