Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Look what CK found!

My two love the Cadbury's Gorilla clip (as does CK - but that is a whole Phil Collins thing) and we have just been surfing through YouTube comparing the ad with the real life video of 'groovey Phil Collins'.

Then look what CK found!!!!

I was going to dedicate this to M.M. & V.C. but then I found this one and thought it was probably even more apt.


Just keep going right until the very end.

Listen really hard.

This one is especially for M.M. and V.C. Cheers for the many laughs girls!


  1. Well. MM and VC won't be laughing so hard when 007 gets his big brother round to sort them out. Will they?

  2. Ha ha, that's brilliant!

    Love the "if you've got any poo fling it now" moment!!

  3. ps. The toy chimp one is good too ..... note to self .... ask for drum sticks for christmas .....

  4. ha ha ha ha ha - just brilliant!! Exactly how long did it take you to find those links?
    Either all this Monkee fun is some very welcome and much needed light relief from the mounting pressures of Christmas preparation.

    Or we are all barking mad and have far too much time on our hands.

    I think, the former :)

    Lesley xx

  5. Awww, the first one is really cute - I'll show that to my smalls (they're my kids, not my underwear). The second one is just funny - excellent find! :-) x

  6. Very funny (sadly silent) clips there Mrs Trashcan! Good work! Lucy x

  7. I have laughed so much with all the "monkee" stuff going on in blogs over the past couple of days...

    Gina xx

    PS I wish I was in Australia right now.... just got back from walking dog in the wind and rain.... yuk!

  8. Ha ha ha - "an ass and a half production" :oD *snigger*