Friday, 7 December 2007

Is it time for a change?

Having spent quite a bit of time recently mooching through the 'innernets' I have noticed a lot of veeery pretty blogpages happening. The feeling here at Trash Towers is this eucalyptussy green and purple is getting a bit old now. Perhaps I can make a New Year's Resolution to learn Html and jazz up my page.

Something to think on........

Far more importantly I have put my name down to join the ' cocoa swap'. The sign up is on Dec16 and I just wish I was sufficiently Html literate to gt hold of the button. Any suggestions?


  1. No.1's bedroom is decorated in pistacchio green and lilac - your page reminds me of her room.

    I redecorated my blog last month - you just get the urge from time to time don't you? No html needed though - I just found a picture for the header and changed the colours on the page/fonts/borders. I shall look forward to viewing your makeover if and when it happens.

    Take care :-) x

  2. redecorating blogs is much easier than doing homes. There's no need for polyfilla and wobbly stepladders.

    word verification today cdrdump? Is this a comment the computer is making on my home ? (I see'd her dump? )

  3. Although I like your colour scheme I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with. I'd like mine to look more festive but not sure I have the brain to do it just now!!!