Monday, 3 December 2007

It's never too late to join in, right?

Saturday afternoon found me in the perfect place for all those who suffering from undiagnosed but none the less dreadful ailments - on the couch under a beautiful, warm blanket (purchased on recent trips North of here). When the phone rang I was hoping CK would answer it and tell whoever it was I had officially emigrated back to the colonies (b/c it is never for him apparently - does this happen in anyone else's house?). Instead he handed it over mouthing 'It's The Blonde.'

'Are you still doing flowers this afternoon?'

'Um, you tell me what I was doing with them and I will tell you if I still am.' I thought this a reasonable compromise as I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

'Christmas flowers. With Sah. Remember? Can you bring secateurs?'

'Aaaaah! Yes now that you mention it in fact I do. That's today is it? Ummm, yes I have secateurs. '

Inane chat and discussion of impending Christmas occasion. Then I had to ask that integral question -

'Err, so, what time is this all happening? Oh. Right. See you in an hour or so then!'

So I stood in a village school hall last Staurday afternoon, listening to Christmas carols and poking bits of green stuff into oasis. And I have to say the results are pretty jolly good!

Please excuse kitchen door instead of front door but yesterday we were soooooooooooo lazy CK went nowhere near anywhere that would yield screws, bolts, drills or the inclination to hang this (quite heavy) Christmas wreath.

Have also been a little busy on the k-nitticating front. The ungodly bus trip to London plus two nights in an hotel room with tropical s-i-l and niece then bus trip home on M25 & M3 at 1700 hours on Friday night meant I got a whole doll done.

Obviously just the knitting bits finished but have bought fabulous dark brown wibbly-wobbly yarn for hair. Was starting to sew it up when I thought how nice it would be if she were fragrant (in a nice and not 'boys can be fragrant' kind of way). So I went to the lovely herbal shop in town, purchased a packet of highly scented dried French Lavender and once have stuffed them into small sachet type things will incorporate into body of doll.

Then I got thinking that if I just used bigger needles I would get a bigger doll. Obvious really isn't it? But it has taken many months to think of this. See, I always say you can be pretty or clever.....................

So here are the legs in the next size.

I should have something for comparison but they are about 1/4 as big again as the first. These are for my goddaughter and her sister for Christmas.

Oooo! Buzz is in there for comparison!!

Pants! Item for comparison only works when it is next to both differently sized objects. Bugger!

This link is my contribution to world music knowledge and those little 70s hits we are all engendering and oh well, I just love this song . It would definitely make my 'Desert Island Discs list. Hope you enjoy it too.


  1. looks like you've been busy! Love the knitted dolls! Sorry I haven't been in touch about the header thingy on my blog - it's just that it's not very good and I am sure there is a better way to do it so I am trying to find out! Lucy x

  2. I think losing an afternoon snuggled under a blanket is just about one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Love the knitted dolls though.

  3. Ooh, the doll is fab, as are the floral arrangements. But mostly I'm loving Buzz. But where oh where are his missing limbs??

    Definitely NOT loving that music. Sorry.

  4. Loving seeing those 1978 clothes on the YouTube video :-D (Some of them are back in fashion again!)

    Those knitted dolls are fabulous - can't wait to see them finished. And your creativity with the greenery is wonderful.

    Take care :-) x

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to see what your dolls look like when finished. Your Christmas flower arranging looks great too.
    Cathy X