Sunday, 30 December 2007

The things you find on the innernets!

Mooching is a very interesting and worthwile occupation whatever any grown-up may tell you. I quite often like to play the random blog game (my title, quite catchy don't you think?) and leaping off from Missus Locket's verandah today I came across these - here and here - hometown blogs!!!!

I have always known someday I would come across a body from Ballas but I had just assumed it would be back in the days when I was working behind bars (pubs not prisons!!). So one of my 'To-Do' things in 2008 will be to puzzle out who these people are and where they live. Not in any stalkerish kind of way b/c that would be creepy, rather in a placeing(sp?)kind of way. Essentially I am nosy and just want to know whereabouts in my town and was it close to where I grew up and do they shop were I used to and is Dennis Thingies the shoeshop still on the corner of Lydiard & Sturt Street? And what has become of my old primary school?

I don't often feel the lack of cultural reference, particularly as I have lived over here for more than 17 years but it is a nice thought to make some little links with back home. Especialy when the blogs have such lovely things on them.


  1. Isn't blogland a wonderful place. Come and visit in your home town anytime and take a walk in my Flowergarden. Nice to meet you.

  2. Hiya,
    Annie and I both work in primary schools here in ballarat. Let us know where you went and I'll pop out and get a piccy for you if its still around.
    No shoe shops on the corner of Lydiard and sturt anymore. Do you know Lake Wendouree is empty - looks like an overgrown sports field.
    There you go a 10 second catch up.
    P.S - I blog hop all the time and get wonderfully lost.

  3. Awww, how lovely that you found blogs from 'back home'. I love to blog-hop - I invariably find a gem or two (along with the porn :-O ) x

  4. Glad to have provided you with the links!!! I felt quite rather jealous when I found a blogger who lived near where I grew up - not fair at all!!! Lucy x

  5. I just love bloghopping. Trouble is I can never remember how I got to where I've been and generally can't find my way back again.

    So in blog, so in life!