Tuesday, 1 January 2008

And so it begins....

First of January 2008.

(Just in case you had missed it.)

We went out to a friends' house for dinner last night. With a whole history of baking, bikkies and cakes I was designated pudding-person however... we kind of ended up in a local big town at the shops and cinema all day. We went and saw 'Enchanted'. CK saw it as a fabulous opportunity to use his children as a cover story give his children a fabulous treat to end the year. I had read the comments over at Monkee Maker and figured that at least I would get a few extra hours sleep. But guess what?! It was good! Really, really good.

We had laugh out loud moments, smiley moments and, courtesy of the snippy teenage girls behind me, we had stinky sock moments. Plus I actually watched my children get 'bad' ideas when they saw the bit where someone got smooshed in the tummy with a pillow! The added bonus was it starred Patrick Dempsey. I don't remember him from the 'Brat Pack' films but 'Grey's Anatomy's Doctor McDreamy' ? - him I have a lot of time for!

The upshot is that last night's end of year celebratory meal had to survive on shop bought puddings because we spent seven and a half hours in town yesterday! See what a bad friend I am?

Ever wondered why it is the small and little things that take the longest to complete? I guess it is like raising children or tending seedlings. One of my presents for CK's birthday last year was a knitting magazine and over these holidays I have knitted (well... started) a jumper from it for one of my borrowed kids. Now I am up to the collar it is all looking a bit difficult and so has retired to the ho-ho box (also known as sewing box #1). To fill the time between afternoon naps, eating, washing up and bedtime I have been knitting up a prem baby jacket pattern from said magazine. For ten days!

However today I finished it and it is all sewn up and everything. Now I just have to contact the local NICUs to see if they are interested!? I then had a few minutes on my hands while the 'Terences' continued with their ice-sculpting in the kitchen

so I began a new little sideline - the lacy shawl pattern from Crazy Aunt Purl's 'Drunk, divorced and covered in cat hair' book. So far I have ripped it twice (admittedly it was only a couple of rows in but still.....) and it is a lace pattern which is 109 stitches across! I think I am a little bit scared :-@

I have finished the dolls for the garden fairy girls (my god-daughter and her big sister). They are packed up with the assorted Christmas and birthday presents (26/12 & 8/01) ready for Saurday's visit.

This one is for my god-daughter, Pussy-Willow.

And this is for her big sister, Daisy Flower.

I have signed up for two new swaps which begin in earnest this month - Hot Cocoa swap and The UK swap. Partners for both are coming out in the next few days and the timeframe for the cocoa one is over and done with by February - which neatly leads me to the fact that we are now officially in birthday month (or as I like to term it - the month of great excitement!).

Oh I have plans... should we have a party or just a few friends around for dinner?

What present should I put on my pleading list?

How about tickets for somewhere hot and warm? (CK would hand me a pass to next door's fire.)

Perhaps an evening of pampering and relaxation?

Not books and candles I suggest as I seem to actually have possession of the world stocks of both since Christmas.

Driving in to the big smoke yesterday I asked CK about what he wanted from this coming year.

'Did you mean N.Y.'s resolutions?'

No b/c I would have said N.Y.'s resolutions. I meant things you want to achieve or do.'

'Oh? I can't think of anything.'

For those of you who can think of things or just want an interesting philosphical concept to mull over have a look here.

2008. It is full of possiblity!


  1. Happy New Year!!!! Love those dolls! Lucy x

  2. My word you've been a busy person. No wonder you bought the puddings! Cute little dolls and baby cardigan.

    Happy New Year - can't wait for your birthday blogs - which date in January is it? x