Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Is it the pattern or the yarn?

I have tried. I swear I really have tried but sod it! I have thrown the whole lot in the fire and good riddance to it all!

I tried again today on the 'Sexy Shawl' pattern from Crazy Aunt Purl's book (ref: post below). I even got as far as the fourth row but then it looked nothing like the picture in the book so I ripped it - again.

That hasn't ended up in the fire - oh no. I shall keep plugging away at that. Perhaps in a different yarn although this is a special favourite, it is so soft !

The piece now simply ash in the woodburner was actually from a q.i. article in the Knit Today (December 2007 ) Babyman gave me for Christmas. It is about tubular knitting and lets you do circular knitting with just two normal needles! An absolute boomer for those of us who run screaming from the thought of dpns or sticks strung together. But I cannot do it! Two whole days I have spent casting on, sliding off and then using a third needle you pick up alternate stitches from each needle. This plus the slipping and Y.O.s as go means you end up with a tube.

Well, you are meant to end up with a tube. After much cursing - crap, bugger, bum - I ended up with one round of tube and three of knitted blanket. Of course this was after five attempts to even slide and alternate

So if anyone has any clever ideas on how to do it or how to use stitch markers I would love to know. The C.A.P. pattern uses about 500 and 33 millionty stitch markers and I just don't understand them!

All answers in the back of a postcard please to Trash Towers, Dinglebury on the Hill.

This is Q.I. as well!


  1. If it's more complicated than k, p, psso, k2tog, or p2tog then I can't do it. :-(

    That angora looks beautiful. x

  2. No clever ideas from me I'm afraid. The burning idea sounds good though!
    Moogsmum xx