Monday, 21 January 2008

Look what came to live here!

Admittedly it arrived the other day but I have been a little pre-occupied to pick it up. Now the job has been done, the removals van has left and as I calculate the final tally for the insurance claim against that bloody infection I proudly display this gift from Miss Kitty.

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Isn't that a lovely present to give someone?

I had an interesting time this afternoon, bloghopping the world. Via the Hot Cocoa Swap I found red shoes and she was having a little ideology questioning moment; very interesting it was and I have left a discussion point with her. But it got me further along a track I have been on for a while now and it seems to tie in with a zeitgeist trembling to life. Crafters are lovely people.

Seriously. People who are involved in craft are (by dint of choice of their hobby/outlet/desire/free time filler) inherently kind people. I recognise that as gross generalisation b/c there must be some out there who actually don't like other people's cats/gardens/whatever but when we craft it ends with a tangible result. A result we look to give away very often, to share. We use our time and skills to create useful, beautiful, functional, frivolous items to benefit the world around us.

Physically or emotionally. We invest time in creating things which can then represent so much to those who receive them. Imagine slipping on handmade socks - surely there is an automatic positive energy to your day b/c someone spent time and energy finding the correct yarn and colour to suit you. Just for you. An afghan for a friend's baby is more than to keep a child warm; it is an expression of friendship, of joy, of community and communion.

I believe that the ways of looking at the world as postulated by people like yarnstorm are simply the magnified voice of so many crafters in both the real and imaginary worlds. We want more than hyperbole and high life,in fact we actually want less. It is the things lying underneath the froth we look for - we want creativity and sharing and expression and support and recognition and laughter and guidance and learning.

It would seem to me that crafters have a recipe for a good life right to hand.


  1. I second the motion. I have yet to find a mean crafter.

    Oh and thanks for the pointers to other, really good blogs. x

  2. I totally agree - all craftspeople I have met in real life or imaginary have been generous with their knowledge and encouraging with their responses. Apart, perhaps, from the old birds at my kids' school fairs who grumbled, groused and sniffed. Maybe that's what making embroidered plastic boxes or knitted loo roll covers does to you?
    Anyhoo Mrs Trash those are some mighty strong drugs you are on! I wouldn't mind a dose of those if they make me as elloquent as you!!!

    DH was threatened with viral/bacterial infection and knitting needles this morning. It was actually the thought of the Blogland Women's Army descending on him that got him OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

  3. you raise a point that i have noticed, also. crafters really DO seem more generous and sharing than ordinary civilians, don't they??! i think you've hit on the reason, as well: the act of CREATING is automatically *positive*! yep, crafty folks are kind, generous, and now BRILLIANT, too. go, us!!! :)

  4. Beautifully put! Crafters really do seem to care about one another. It never fails to amaze me how generous people are with their talent and knowledge.